Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let Us Grow Your Local Visibility With Local SEO

If you want to stand out from the rest in your local market, the local population that you target needs to see your on Google. This requires your business to appear in top results for search terms that people use to search for your local service. We have with us the best SEO experts and copywriters to make you win the local search.

Increase Quality Leads With Targeted Local Search Strategies

Nowadays people mostly rely on Google to spot local services in their region. With several people running businesses in the same niche, the competition is so very tough to encounter and survive in the online and offline market. But remember, you can still leverage the online marketing to beat your local competitors by implementing effective local SEO strategies for your business.

Optimizing websites for search engines and users requires a lot of creativity and an in-depth knowledge of technicalities. You might either be a small business with a targeted niche market or a big enterprise that requires complicated search marketing campaigns, local SEO services can pop you on number 1 on Google for localised keywords.

Our local SEO services get you to appear in local search results when users enter a local search term in the Google search bar. We have tested and proven local SEO strategies that take you to your buyers irrespective of the number of locations you run your business . 

In addition to showing up your business on Google, our local SEO services make sure to include the correct business information such as phone number, address, contact information and hours of operation across search engines and business directories.Our team of local SEO experts can deliver you real results and a greater ROI. 


We follow the analyse-understand-refine approach to help our local SEO clients beat their competition on Google.

Local Consumer Research

We conduct a thorough research to understand the search terms which people use to find services you offer. With an extensive keyword research and a complete SEO audit of the current search results, we will establish the groundwork for your campaign.

Local Competitor Analysis

Our goal is to rank our client websites ahead of their competitors . So we completely study the factors which ranks the competitor sites. With the insights gained at this step, we identify and plan what is required to outrank them.

Local SEO Strategy

Once we are done with the local research & analysis, we plan a framework for the local SEO campaign including setting timelines and milestones. We focus to carry out value-based activities that will positively affect local search rankings.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to all tactics that are used to drive more local traffic to a business. It is a great strategy to  boost online presence and grow local businesses by boosting search visibility hence increasing local B2B buyers and consumers. Not only do businesses show up in organic search results and local listings but they also show up in maps where a list of businesses pinpoint geographic locations. This is a key tactic that we use to rank small businesses in single or multiple locations. 

When Should You Seek Help For Local SEO Services?

If you are in doubt as when you need to seek help for local SEO, here is what you need to know: You need to approach local SEO services if:

Either own or work  for a company that relies on local customers for sales and revenue

  • You have a company offering services in specific geographic locations, neighbourhoods, towns, cities, etc.
  • You are a franchisor or  franchisee
  • You want to drive more website traffic , convert leads and generate sales in particular designated market areas(DMAs)
  • You want to get your business listed on online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • You want to your company to show up on maps, navigation apps or in Google’s local pack
  • Your company has offices or provides services in multiple cities, but does not offer products or services nation-wide.

Why is Local SEO So Important?

To decide whether or not you need local SEO services, you should get to know some of the greatest advantages that local SEO offers to stabilise and expand smaller businesses.


Survey reports state that over 75%of users do not navigate to the second page of Google.

And that is all about local SEO – planning and executing all strategies to rank on first page of Google and then move to the top positions.


When you rank better on SERPs, you are likely to get more visitors on your site. Attracting more customers can increase the  buying percentage and get more return on investment (ROI). On receiving continuous organic traffic your local business flourishes and that is how local SEO works.


When more people visit your website, you can get more brand exposure and build a solid reputation. This further allows more users to find your website and increases your popularity paving a clear and string way to become a well-known brand.

Benefits of Local SEO



People who are in need of a specific solution in their area or information about a particular  business conduct a local search. This means that optimising your website for a certain geographical area can get more targeted traffic leading to more conversions and greater revenue. The number of “near me” searches has grown dramatically in the last three years. This clearly emphasizes local SEO’s potential to deliver excellent financial results.


We are in the smartphone era and statistics show that more people use mobile devices to search for local businesses anywhere anytime. By putting the right local SEO strategies to practice, you can convert a majority of users from the mobile traffic into buying customers.


Search engines focus to provide users not only with results relevant to their search queries but also to show them websites that provide a good user experience. At the same time the algorithm gives priority to show websites that are more people-centric and provide all information that a user expects also in the search results. This scenario makes it clear that local SEO is an important factor to get into the sight of Google algorithm as a user-friendly site. As simple as that, if a website is locally optimized, your website will appear higher in the search engine results page.


At present, several people who are local business owners have still not realised the benefits of local search. Bear in mind that this is the right time to beat your competition with a big punch. According to statistics, only less than 60% of businesses have started to focus on targeting their local audience. So, be sure to take a wise stand to invest in local SEO services not only to dominate your geographical area but also to win spots in top positions in search engine results among the big industry players.


We offer a wide range of local SEO services to grow your online visibility and dominate local search results.

Google My Business(GMB listing)
Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google which helps business owners manage their online presence across the search engine and its growing portfolio of utilities. It offers a great positive impact for businesses seeking local exposure and is one of the best techniques which seasoned SEO professionals use to leverage local SEO strategy.The tool allows new and established businesses to add all information such as name, phone number, address, service areas, operating hours etc. You can even add specific preferences like where your customers can meet you, whether in a store or office. Adding all these detailed information can get your business easily found for local search terms.
Localised Content Creation & Optimization
We scan all pages of your website thoroughly to ensure that the content is relevant and optimised for local search. Localised content creation involves creating content for additional geo-targeted service pages and adding maps along with business location. Our SEO team will carry out a thorough keyword research to determine the keywords for new target areas if any. The strategy is then knowledge transferred to our creative SEO copywriters who write locally SEO-optimized content.
Local directory listings & nap citations
We have with us a solid list of relevant directories where we’ll build links for your website. YellowPages, Yelp, Foursquare are some examples of business directories and gaining backlinks for your websites from such directories can help establish authority. We make sure that all information of yours such as name, address and phone number are the same in all online assets, social media profiles and search engine listings. Certainly, this can help users get the correct information about your business to be able to get in touch with you. Adding the right and consistent information in all listings proves the legitimacy of your business. All these tasks establish a strong online presence and increases the chances to rank your website as one among the local-3 pack results in the SERPs. We also build backlinks from relevant and authority local sites through guest posting.
Internal Linking
Our strategy does not stop with just creating and optimising content. We create and execute an effective plan for internal linking as we know internal linking can boost click through rates for all pages of the website thus contributing to overall increase in website traffic. Implementing the right internal linking strategy helps new pages get crawled and indexed faster on Google. We also do perfect internal linking between local landing pages to boost their rankings in search engines.Breadcrumbs are another excellent internal linking technique to help users understand where exactly they are on your site.And search engines better understand the relationship between web pages. But breadcrumbs cannot be implemented for a website comprising very few pages. We completely go through the pages of your website to determine how to implement breadcrumbs for the sub-pages of your website.
Landing Page Optimization
It is more essential to optimize the landing pages of a local website continuously to ensure that the website is perfectly functional. This creates a strong local business representation. We totally believe that landing pages are the primary source to convert visitors into customers. Our SEO team will coordinate with our design team to create and/or optimise the design of landing pages to increase conversion rate optimization however be the number of target locations.
Detailed Reporting
When you work with us to execute your local SEO campaign, we’’ll provide you details reports and records which you can check anytime to track the effectiveness of our local SEO plan. Every month from the beginning of the campaign, we will send you a keyword rankings report to monitor how your site performs on search engines fro targeted local keywords. Along with this, we will send you an hour and task report detailing what we’ve worked on. A summary reviewing the month’s improvements and objectives will also be sent to you.