Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Effective CTR Rates for Paid Ads Campaign Strategy

PPC advertising grants you the chance to place your products and services on top search engine positions and show on the right partner sites. This drives instant traffic and provides different ways to match your current SEO strategies through testing marketplace verticals, keywords, and business models. Plus, it enables you to create your own comprehensive internet marketing strategy as well as SEO plans aligned with facts.

Finding a host of low volume keywords that are affordable to advertise on is real and effective. You can use it to cut the cost of using high volume keywords. This can lessen your entire campaign’s average PPC or cost-per-click.

Our PPC Management Services

Our PPC Management Services

Although there are unlimited opportunities to reach your customers, the competition is also growing continuously. The results pages of search engines and social media platforms are flooded with various types of content like videos and graphics to attract more audience. All these factors make it quite hard to get your page in front of people whom you consider the most important.  Paid search campaigns allow you to target the right audience based on who they are, where they live, what their interests are, etc to ensure that your website gets a higher and relevant traffic. 

PPC(Pay Per click) is one of the best ways to expand your reach, find new customers, and grow your business. But it is more important to have a clear-cut strategy and know how to optimize ads  and avoid wastage of money. Choosing a best PPC service provider would be more ideal. We have a team of PPC experts who have extensive experience with search ads, display ads and social ads. The goal of our PPC services is to help businesses reap the most of their PPC campaigns. We develop the most effective PPC strategy to get you more clicks, traffic and ROI.

Be certain in terms of your PPC campaigns. Whether it means new user trends, changes, or new data from testing, being updated and involved in everything.  With our help, you can get fresh search engine insights on how your allocated budget for the search engine was spent. This informs you exactly of everything you get in return. We let you know the complete conversion data to learn which ads and keywords provide more conversions for your business. This helps you to make better decisions.


             We follow  a step-by-step approach to implement PPC service for our clients and the process is explained below:

Assign An Advertising Specialist

We’ll assign a dedicated account manager to manage your advertising campaign. This person is highly trained in Google ads and holds a strong experience in running successful PPC campaigns. First off, the dedicated PPC manager will study your business and then create a PPC strategy that works for you.

Identify Keyword Opportunities For Your Business

The second step is to conduct a thorough keyword research to identify the cost-effective keywords to bid on. While choosing keywords for PPC, we consider various factors such as search traffic, competition and cost associated with the  keywords to make the most out of PPC ads. We also take total care to exclude negative keywords to avoid wasting any money on unqualified traffic and leads

Analyze Your Competition

We take a close look at what your competitors are doing as far as paid search strategies are concerned. After analysing their strengths and weaknesses  in their online advertising efforts, we create a smarter strategy for your campaign and ad copies.

Ad Creation

We develop search engine friendly ads with effective headlines and ad copy. We create ad groups, choose the best keywords and target the ads at the right specific keywords. In addition to this, we perform the A/B testing to identify the high-performing ads.

Monitor & Optimize Your Ads

Our PPC experts will track the campaign regularly to identify the low-performing areas of the campaign. Any kind of decline in the campaign will be detected immediately and the campaign will be paused for low-performing keywords. Then, we create new ads with new strategies and keep results coming in.

Reporting & Communication

The dedicated PPC advertising manager will prepare a full report for you to understand how your paid search advertisements are performing. Addiotionally, we will install conversion tracking on your advertisements to report the amount of conversions we  generate with our PPC management services.

What Is PPC Advertising? - PAY PER CLICK SERVICE (CTA)

PPC is a web advertising model where advertisers pay a certain amount each time a targeted user clicks on one of their ads and visits their websites. There are several types of PPC ads but search ads, display ads and social ads are the most popular types .