Pay Per Click (PPC) Management


Effective CTR Rates for Paid Ads Campaign Strategy

PPC advertising grants you the chance to place your products and services on top search engine positions and show on the right partner sites. This drives instant traffic and provides different ways to match your current SEO strategies through testing marketplace verticals, keyword, and business models. Plus, it enables you to create your own comprehensive internet marketing strategy as well as SEO plans aligned with facts.

Finding a host of low volume keywords that are affordable to advertise on is real and effective. You can use it to cut the cost of using high volume keywords. This can lessen your entire campaign’s average PPC or cost-per-click.

Successful Campaign Development

Creating a PPC campaign and developing a campaign that provides real results is totally different. The latter needs in-depth research and analysis to produce the positive results you want. We at RaptumDigital design campaign that can lead more customers to you.

Effecting Keyword Targeting. We search for the right keywords that can optimize your advertisement without exceeding your budget. Analyzing your competition as well as other factors allows us to help you reach your full capability.

Landing Page Selection. Choosing the right landing page for your ads is vital for PPC advertisement. We make sure that people lands on the right page oozing with a strong call to action when they click on your ads bringing great chance to convert. Writing ads that attract users is what we do. These attractive ads strongly encourage people to transact than just visiting.

Social Advertising
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Display Advertising
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On-Going PPC Campaign Optimization

We believe that providing constant optimization of your campaigns can help you achieve greater heights, drawing you the right customers at a huge ROI.

Solid Ads Testing. We constantly monitor the effectiveness of your ads in order to make sure they are working at max efficiency. Our team is eager to level you up through A/B testing different ads.

Reacting to User Trends. The trends set by users allow us to know how and if the advertisement need modification to be successful. We adapt to these trends to track where clicks happen and the way to upgrade ad to be effective.

PPC Performance Reporting

Be certain in terms of your PPC campaigns. Whether it means new user trends, changes, or new data from testing, being updated and involved in everything.

Search Engine Insight. With our help, you can get a fresh insight on how your allocated budget for the search engine was spent. This informs you exactly of everything you get in return.

Conversion Data. Knowing that knowledge is power, learn which ads and keywords provide more conversions for your business. This helps you to make better decisions.

The Key of Getting Quality Clicks: Bid Management

PPC management is a program centralizing on handling the effectiveness of budget, bids, and media. We provide services according to your needs and integrate in-depth analysis, extensive tuning, utilization of PPCToolSet software, and optimization services. With us, the dedicated analyst works on the project and make recommendations and chances on a strategic and technical level.

Basically, Pay Per Click Advertising is an internet model utilized by advertising networks, search engines, and websites to pay for ads only when the user clicks.

Creating Engaging Ads. The way you write ads is a crucial aspect to make your campaign successful. 

Keyword Performance Monitoring. Make sure your budget is spent wisely. We make ROI goals and modify bids based on effective keywords that provide real conversions. To grow a business, it is important to generate new customers and generate them in a less expensive way. PPC advertising is a great alternative to SEO campaigns. 

Data within Your Reach. You get an online dashboard for instant access to your important paid search campaign information.