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Scalable Social Media Marketing Services To Grow Your Brand Awareness

Are you looking out to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and drive more website traffic? Then the answer for your question is “social media". We offer custom-tailored social media marketing services to our customers to help them build a strong social presence.

As we strongly believe content is the king, we create engaging social media content that will get you massive engagement. We’ll build a robust social media marketing plan and implement proven practices in all phases of social media marketing to gear and grow your business. Getting people to turn to your brand is our responsibility and we’ll make that possible by working across all the major social media channels.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to utilizing different social media platforms, such as Facebook, ,Instagram and  YouTube to establish brand recognition and connect your brand with a wider target audience segment.  Small businesses and enterprises could use social media as the most powerful way to reach the prospects and bolster brand engagement. Taking the most important data into account creating a social media marketing plan can bring remarkable results by converting customers into brand advocates who could continuously support your brand. In fact, a well planned social media marketing strategy has a large positive impact on  your search engine optimization (SEO) and digital  marketing efforts put together producing more revenue streams for your business.

Why Should Businesses Be Active On Social Media?

If you have been using social media recently, you’d have definitely seen and interacted with a business page’s post or ad with a brand similar to yours. Same as you, your target audience also love engaging with their favorite brands. If you want the same thing to happen for you, you need to create that brand-customer trust among the audience. And that is where social media marketing comes into play.  The main aim of social media marketing is to brand awareness and establish brand trust by building a strong social media presence for your brand. The following are some of the statistics which shows how important is social media marketing to your business:

  • 65% of Facebook users say that they got to know new brands through social media and they started to follow their profile.
  • 90% of users say that they interact with their most favorite brands on Instagram.
  • 75% of people state that they check their Facebook accounts daily.
  • 54% of people state that they purchased products after discovering it on Twitter.
  • 90% of online marketers state that social media is a best place for Influencer marketing.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Profile Setup
Social media marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to grow your audience,build engagement and drive more conversions. We at Raptum Digital, provide Full-fledged Social Media Setup Services prepare your social presence for success. While launching new social media profiles, we create business pages on platforms that align with your business goals. We build custom-content to post on each of your social accounts, including profile photos, cover photos,header photos,etc. We optimize all elements of your social media account like creating an attractive bio completely focussed at showcasing your products and services.
Social Media Management
Some of our clients want to avoid exerting effort on social media. If you are one of those who hates the idea of logging into multiple sites to post updates, we can provide you the best solution! Our Social Media Package at RaptumDigital is the only thing you need. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for something that can escalate your productivity in social media or an agency that can do it on your behalf, our service will definitely please you.
Social Media Analytics & Reporting
Besides posting content to social media feed, it is very essential to track things like how the post performs, how many people have shared , liked and commented on your posts, etc to refine the social media marketing campaign. Our team of social media marketing experts will constantly monitor and keep track of all KPIs and metrics to better understand the progress of the campaign. This provides detailed insights as to decide whether or not to bring any changes in the campaign.
Social Media Marketing (Platforms)
Traditional marketing methods are becoming obsolete and you need to tap into modern social media marketing platforms to reap maximum benefit from your business. We implement social media practices in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and the services are briefed below.
Instagram Marketing
We work to connect your brand with more customers and build a community around your brand with Instagram social media marketing. Our team of Instagram marketing experts enhance your business profile, launch ads, post attractive images and content and make the most of Instagram reels and IG stories to tell your brand story. The strategy we follow in ourInstagram marketing services can get refined results from the campaigns.
Facebook Marketing
Our facebook marketing services focus to showcase your high level of customer support and accelerate more traffic to your website. We make sure to implement campaigns within the planned marketing budget, manage your Facebook profile, optimize Facebook ads, cleans up posts and perform regular Facebook optimization to expand your reach and establish your brand authority.
YouTube Marketing
Recent statistical data shows that more than 90% of shopping happens through YouTube marketing videos. You can power up your YouTube social media marketing strategy to grab your customers’ attention and compel them to take prompt action.We also help you learn more about your target audience, develop quality videos and make YouTube marketing content to align with your potential customers.
Facebook Marketing
Our facebook marketing services focus to showcase your high level of customer support and accelerate more traffic to your website. We make sure to implement campaigns within the planned marketing budget, manage your Facebook profile, optimize Facebook ads, cleans up posts and perform regular Facebook optimization to expand your reach and establish your brand authority.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services?

All range of businesses – startups, SMEs(small and medium enterprises) and large established brands have unlimited advantages in implementing social media marketing practices. The binding of the right social media marketing plan, campaign monitoring system and social media content marketing can accelerate search traffic, improve SEO, boost customer engagement and establish brand loyalty. It you are in a dilemma about investing in social media marketing, you need to know the main benefits of social media marketing which could help you take the right decision.

Dedicated Account Managers
We provide you the highly skilled social media marketing expert who completely understands your industry demands, social media marketing needs and goals. They will respond to your queries through email and phone and you can get in touch with them to engage in discussions whenever necessary.
Extensive Onboarding Process
Once our experts complete the analysis and create a social media marketing plan for your business, they will explain it clearly to you before starting the implementation. They will provide a complete strategic breakdown of all tactics that they are going to follow to achieve your business goals.
Custom Social Media Marketing Strategy
We design a custom social media marketing strategy that fits your needs and budget and boosts your social media engagement and marketing efforts at the same time. Identifying the right target audience and specific keywords for your business is what our social media marketing experts do before creating social media digital marketing plans to drive a higher return on investment(ROI).
Social Media Campaign Reports
Our custom social media campaign reports provide a full overview of your social media performance. The report provided at the end of every month from the inception of the campaign will include the breakdown of tasks that we've performed and the number of hours we’ve spent to help you monitor your ROI.
Diverse Marketing Experience
Raptum Digital has a lot of experience in carrying out social media marketing campaigns for different markets including B2C and B2B and at all sizes. Whatever type of company you own (startup, multi-location business, enterprise), our SMM experts will strive to work hard to give your brand a solid reputation through extensive research, tracking and adaptation to various online trends and resources.

What Is Social Media Advertising and Why Is It Important?

Social media advertising, also referred to as social media targeting, is the process of placing ads on social media platforms to boost your branding and grab audience’s attention though different ways like inquiring feedback about your products or services, brand offerings , or make them visit your landing page etc.The primary focus of social media advertising is to reach a highly targeted audience segment at the right time in order to gain a higher ROI.

Obviously social media digital marketing is the perfect method to reach new demographics much faster.

What Makes Us A Leader on Social Media Marketing?

We have a team of social media marketing experts who work to create the best social media marketing plan to execute campaigns and help you gain a powerful online presence and drive massive social  traffic to your websites. Our office comprises the most knowledged personnel to get your brand heard among the right kind of audience in the right channels. All these things along with a streamlined approach we follow while doing social media marketing for our clients is what makes us a leader and that makes us stand out from the rest of our competition in the digital marketing industry.